I'm a Brazilian photographer living in São Paulo. My main interests are Street Photography, music concerts and Minimalism, but everything related to photography get my attention and give me inspiration.

In my Projects tab, you can see some of my work on specific themes. They are works-in-progress, so its content may change from time to time untill they become something else, like books.

I'm currently making a study on social media and its uses for photographers, wich is been published in my blog. I'll be learning how to use and how to get the most of each social network during this year long process. Ending in february 2017, I intend to share the experience in the form of an ebook and hopefully help other photographers to choose which one is the best for them. The blog is written in portuguese but there will be an english version soon.

Publishing in social network is way more fun than I expected. Besides, it gives me the opportunity to publish photos that doesn't fit in this website, which is focused on personal projects. My interests are separated through different social networks. So, the minimalist photographs are on G+, the street photographs are on G+, Tumblr and Twitter, the live concert photographs are on Instagram and Flickr and the travel/landscape photographs are on 500px.