Sound Waves

SOUND WAVES - The images for this project were made using multiple exposure, intentional camera movement (ICM) and blur techniques, often using low shutter speeds. I try to combine these techniques with the lighting of the concert halls so to produce more than just a register of the musicians on stage (wich I also like, BTW). My intent is to visually show the sound movements, the mood and the vibe of the music being performed. Although there is some degree of control and a clear intention behind each photo, the results are always unpredictable thanks to the ever-changing stage lighting and the movement of the musicians.

Wall of Death WALL OF DEATH - This project aims to document the crowd interaction at extreme music live shows. It all started in a show of thrash metal band Exodus. When they play a song called Wall of Death, the audience splits in two and, at some point, each half runs toward the other. The violence though, is only apparent. Everybody go to these shows just to let their inner energy flows freely and nobody (usually) gets hurt. It's a very cathartic experience. The low shutter speed of the camera helps to enhance the energy of the movements.
Sua Rua / Your Street SUA RUA/YOUR STREET - This is a project that shows the relationship between people and the street. Divided in four sections, the photos display people who use the street to work, live, perform and proselytize. 
Quebrada QUEBRADA - Built using found objects and cheap materials, the houses of Sao Paulo poorest and marginalized population many times shows interesting shapes and color juxtapositions. In portuguese, quebrada is a slang for a place far from the city downtown, often populated by its less favoured inhabitants. It also stands for broken.