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Google Plus

Photos organized in collections by topic or field of interest. You can follow my profile or just the collection you find more interesting. My current collections on G+ are:
Street Photography - Straightforward candid moments from the streets of São Paulo and other cities.
* Minimalist Monday - Bringing minimalism and abstraction photography to an overactive world.
Sound Waves - Concert shots using multiple exposure, intentional camera movement (ICM) and blur techniques.
Concerts - Small reviews and pictures of concerts I attended to. My largest following on G+.
Alien Abduction Friday - Short and flash fiction about alien abduction, mainly inspired by my ICM photos.



Pretty much everything that's on my other social networks is also in my Instagram account, but with less or no text.



News and info about Photography that I think it's valuable for the community, plus my concert and street photography.



Many albums with my concert shots. I also upload a weekly photo to curated street photography groups (they keep ignoring me) that ends up in an album as well.



Posts about Photography in general and photobooks in particular, written in English and Portuguese. I'm also the Editor of Brazilian Stages, a publication (in English) on Brazilian musicians the world needs to know about.



This is where I share my photos (any kind) and comment on events with my local community and friends. Written mostly in Portuguese.



I'm a big music fan and amateur musician myself, so my weekly routine always include one or two concerts. Fotografista de Música is a blog where I write small reviews, publish my photos and share links about these concerts. Weekly posts (when nothing goes wrong) written in Portuguese.


e-mail My old-fashioned e-mail: marcelo.davera@yahoo.com